Creative Learning Department

Creative Learning Department

At GEST we believe that people are naturally creative. We wish to develop that in a way that is accessible, engaging and above all, fun.

GEST offers a unique approach to theatre in education in Sweden, as we work only in English, offering participants the opportunity to develop both their creative and linguistic skills. We also offer evening courses for kids, youths and adults.

Click on the tabs above to find out more about all the different ways we work with creative learning and for any questions please contact us on cld[at] or 031-425065.

Check out the video below to see us in action and meet some of the team:

Drama workshops in schools

Explore creativity and develop language skills through drama

1Linnflying litenGEST offers drama workshops for schools, providing students with a new and creative way to develop their language skills. By creating a fun and trusting environment we encourage students to use English without inhibition. Workshops can be tailored to meet specific criteria and themes and can cover many subjects, from creative writing to history. They are also a great opportunity to explore different situations and cultures. Drama naturally develops self-expression and problem solving skills and is therefore a useful tool in tackling issues like bullying or racism.

All workshops are run completely in English and can easily take place in a classroom or gym hall. Our exercises can be tailored to all different levels and abilities and all workshops are led by a minimum of two of GEST's professional actors or drama tutors, who are either native English speakers, or have studied at University in an English speaking country.

Standard Workshops:
½ Day (2.5 hours)
Full Day
Longer Projects which can involve a few days together or perhaps weekly visits over time, these are usually tailored to each group individually but can involve working from a pre-existing text or devising something together that can eventually be performed or filmed.

Please note that our workshops can be funded either fully or in part by Skapande Skola or Västra Götlandsregionens arrangörsstöd.
PDF about Drama Workshops (in Swedish) here
PDF about Drama Workshops (in English) here
Read articles about Drama Workshops here and here.

You can also find us in Kulturkatalogen Väst and on Scenkonstportalen


Youth Drama Club

workshop5GEST in collaboration with Folkuniversitetet is proud to present Youth Drama Club in English! During the course we will work on improvisations, role-play, character work, and text work culminating in a performance in front of an invited audience. Drama is a fun and creative activity that can be offered to young people of all abilities. The imaginative and playful environment of the drama club helps young people to develop self-confidence and performance skills, practice team working skills and problem solving skills. Led by professional actors or drama practitioners from Britain, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn about what happens off stage as well as on stage.


Age: We have two groups, one for the 9-11 year range and one for the 12-16 year range

When: Monday 16.30 – 18.00 (9-11 years) and 18.30 – 20.00 (12-16 years)

Where: Cinnober, Masthuggsterassen 3, 41318 Gothenburg (tramstop: Masthuggstorget, walk up the stairs next to Hemköp and follow the Folkuniversitetet signs.)

Dates:  5 February – 23 April (10 times in total, no sessions week 7 and 14)

Enroll via Folkuniversitetet HERE (9-11) or HERE (12-16 )

Questions: Contact GEST on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 031-42 50 65.

Please note these classes are held in English only.

Adult Acting Course

Acting Courses in English at Gothenburg English Studio Theatre

GEST are delighted to offer Acting and Advanced Acting Courses for adults - Spring term 2018.

Adult Acting Course:

The Adult Acting Course is now full, but please feel free to register on the reserve list below.

An exciting opportunity to learn and develop basic or intermediate acting skills including improvisation, character work and general acting techniques in a friendly and supportive environment. The course will culminate in a performance in front of family and friends at the end of term.
Age 17 and above

Course leader: James Hogg

10 sessions, 1,5 hours per session

Duration: 8 February - 25 April (no sessions week 7 and 14). 17.45-19.15

Advanced Acting Course:

The Advanced Acting Course is now full, but please feel free to register in the reserve list below.

This course is suitable for anyone with previous experience of acting, like our Adult Acting Courses or other similar experience. This course will concentrate on developing each participant's acting skills further, and will culminate in a performance in front of friends and family at the end of term.

Age 18 and above

Course leader: Gary Whitaker

10 sessions, 1,5 hours per session

Duration: 7 February - 25 April (no sessions week 7 and 14). 19.30-21.00

Enrolment and course fees

Reserve list for the Adult Acting Course.
Reserve list for the Advanced Acting Course.

Fees: Regular 2 000 SEK / Student 1 800 SEK


For more information: cld[at] or call 031-42 50 65

School tickets

GESTs plays
If you wish to see a GEST performance and your students are 19 or under and the school is within the Gothenburg municipality, the fee will be 30kr per ticket. This is made possible by the city of Gothenburg's 'biljettsubvention', which reimburses theatres.

If you want to book our show for a performance at your school or theatre venue, schools in VGR can contact their 'kommunala sammordnare' for a 50% reduction of the ordinary fee.

After Show Discussion
We can also offer an After Show Discussion, which would last approximately 20-30 minutes. This is an invaluable opportunity for your group to discuss the production with the actors and director.

Tickets, workshops and After Show Discussions can be booked in Swedish or English on 031 42 50 65 or info[at]