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Please note that if you would like to book tickets for multiple performances you will have to fill in this form for each separate performance.


Gymnasium ticket prices:
For schools within the city of Gothenburg: 30: - per student (due to the ticket subsidy from Kulturförvaltningen.)

For schools outside of the city of Gothenburg 110: - per student

One teacher per 30 students attends for free, additional teachers pay student prices.

Students at universities and Folkhögskola: 150: - per student

All prices include 6% VAT


Please note that bookings are binding. Confirmation and invoice is sent via Kulturpunkten when bookings are confirmed.


Performance dates and times


The Believers Are But Brothers

Matiné performances (13.00):

October 3, 5

Evening performances (19.00):

October 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


Every Brilliant Thing

Matiné performances (13.00):

December 3 (preview), 5, 10, 12

Evening performances (19.00):

December 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Choose which show you want to order tickets for.

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All dates and times are listed above.

! Please note that we don't have the possibility to update availability in the form. If you have alternative dates in case the one you requested isn't available, please write them in the text field for voluntary messages at the bottom of the form.    

Specify what performance time you want to book tickets to.

NB! Sometimes we play several times in one day. All dates and times are listed above.

Fill out which school you are booking tickets for.

Please fill in school year. (Not mandatory but good for our statistics)

Or city other than Gothenburg.

We offer an After Show discussion, which lasts approximately 10-15 minutes.
This is an invaluable opportunity for your group to discuss the play with the actors.

We use telephone numbers only to contact you in connection with the performance.
The information will not be saved after your visit, and no one other than GEST and our
booking partner at Kulturpunkten will receive the information.

Enter the invoice address and all the codes that are required.
If you book for a school in the city of Gothenburg indicate N-number for district/administration and destination code.

(e.g. N131Angered, Intraservice, 405 38 Göteborg. Mottagarkod: XXX)


If you have questions about availability, booking etc, please contact Kulturpunkten


Box office - Stora Teatern
031-368 32 99

Mon - Fri 12-18
Saturdays 10-14

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